Wimbledon Betting Specials You Can Actually Win at William Hill

We all know what a great game tennis is to bet on, and Wimbledon is the premier tournament of the international calendar. However, betting on the same old things can get a bit dull from time to time. That's when you need to look at the specials on offer, to see where you can pick up some decent value whilst also having fun. There are many great, fun, special offers on William Hill which you can place bets on right now.

Let's take a look at some of the great offers at William Hill for Wimbledon 2016.

William Hill Specials

1. Any player to be asked to change clothing as it doesn't comply with the rules

This is a popular bet, because this happens so often at the All-England Club. To put it bluntly, the Wimbledon tournament organisers are a bit stuck in their ways. Many of the top people have been in charge since Boris Becker was actually thin, and so they enforce the rule about every item of clothing needing to be white in colour as if their very lives depended on it.

William Hill Odds: Evens

2. Full day's play washed out (not including Centre Court)

Centre Court now has a sliding roof, which means the prospect of Wimbledon having absolutely no tennis for any of its scheduled days is now incredibly remote. However the British sporting "summer" is a thing of legend, so much so that an Indian-based BBC Radio listener wrote in some years ago to ask why Wimbledon was held during the UK's monsoon season.

Rain at SW19 is as traditional as a Sunday-morning bacon sandwich, and that's why odds for a full washout, except for Centre Court, are such good value.

William Hill Odds: 8/1

3. Official Caterers for the event to run out of champagne or strawberries

This is one of those things you bet on not because you expect to win, but for the outside chance of it. It's highly unlikely that Wimbledon's expert catering teams, who have been preparing for the Championships for the past twelve months, will run out of food and booze. That said, imagine the odds of an accumulator with this, plus Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams NOT winning the men's and women's tournaments...

William Hill Odds: 33/1

4. Any player to be cautioned for excessive grunting on court

It's easier to predict this happening. Some tennis players don't just make a noise when they hit the ball, they make an ear-splitting screech. It's not pleasant for the crowds, or for the opposition... and though said players always deny trying to unsettle their opponents, it's easy to imagine a situation in which this would be seen as a good thing for one side. Mentioning no names, but the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida has a lot to answer for...

William Hill Odds: 8/1

William Hill will keep updating its specials as we get closer to the big event, so stay tuned for more deals on Wimbledon betting with UK's leading bookie!