Football Betting Brain-Teaser

2015/05/26 43 responses

Question 1

Is betting on the total number of goals scored in a game called betting against the spread?

Question 2

You are betting on the over of the Chelsea-Liverpool match. The odds makers have the line set to 3 goals. Which of the following final scores would win you the wager?

Question 3

Name a key evaluating factor when determining betting on an over/under.

Question 4

Bookmakers often will set the line in over/under wagers with a ½ goal interval. Why do they do this?

Question 5

You want to bet the over on the Chelsea-Arsenal match. The odds makers set the odds at Over 3.5 goals (-120). How much would you have to wager to get $500 back if you win the bet?

Question 6

In most cases, future bets have money lines attached to them.

Question 7

The odds on England winning the World Cup are 28/1. How much money would you win if you bet $50 and England ended up winning?

Question 8

You make $200 wagers on Germany (5/1), Belgium (14/1) and Italy (22/1) and $100 wagers on England (28/1), Mexico (100/1), and the United States (100/1) to all win the World Cup. Belgium wins the World Cup. How much money do you profit after all is said and done?

Question 9

Betting on a particular event to happen is called a proposition bet.

Question 10

Futures and prop bets are highly profitable bets that you should make as often as possible.