When Should You Bet, and How Much?

2015/05/26 186 responses

Question 1

How much money should you put in your initial bankroll?

Question 2

What percentage of your bankroll should you wager on a single bet?

Question 3

If you have good research, it is ok to occasionally increase your recommended wager amount to up to 25% of your bankroll.

Question 4

Define risk of ruin:

Question 5

Sports betting is mostly about what two things when it comes to money management?

Question 6

List a statistic or trend you should evaluate when doing your research

Question 7

If the backup goalkeeper is injured, you should not bet on that team.

Question 8

If the team's leading scorer is injured, you should be less likely to bet on that team.

Question 9

You read on Manchester City's team web site just seconds ago that their leading goalscorer, has suffered an injury and is unlikely to play in the next game. Manchester is playing on the road against a top team and the money line on their opponent is +120. Would this be a good time to place a bet on Manchester City's opponent?

Question 10

If you are having trouble winning your football bets, you should invest in a handicapping service.