Where to Watch Preseason Football Matches for Free, and Why You Should

Preseason football matches are hit-and-miss in terms of the quality on show, but they are still exciting for fans of the teams on show, because they give us all a window into how those sides are preparing for the season ahead. Usually taking the form of friendly matches arranged into short tournaments, preseason matches are often viewable through live-streaming on sports betting sites.

Let's take a look into why this is a good thing, and how to watch preseason football matches live.

Why Live-Stream Preseason Football Matches?

Good Betting Value to be Found

Preseason matches often don't seem as important as matches that take place during the regular season of Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and Champions League games, and that's for a reason - they're not. There aren't any real stakes to the matches that take place in the summer between the international tournaments and the club season. So why would we recommend for people to watch them? There are a number of reasons.

The first is that fewer people bet on preseason matches than do on the regular-season matches, and often bookmakers don't have the same amount of information available that they would if there were the usual, higher, level of media coverage of teams. Hence, you can often find good-value bets because although a team of the profile of, say, Manchester United should be able to beat almost any team it meets on tour, the opponent may be at a later stage in its preparations.

There's value to be found in the uncertainty of preseason.

Possibility to See How Team is Shaping Up

Preseason these days has almost been turned into a season of its own, with tournaments like the Intercontinental Champions Cup offering new audiences in parts of the world like South-East Asia the chance to see players at close quarters who they might otherwise have only seen on television.

For viewers back home in Europe, or those in North and South America, watching preseason games can help build an understanding of where the team is likely to be at in the coming season; new signings will get their first opportunities to play alongside established players, and bettors can begin to make assessments about how good teams actually are.

Preseason might not tell us everything, or indeed much, about a team, but it certainly gives anyone interested in developing a successful betting strategy the chance to make hay early on and build some knowledge.

Where to Watch Preseason Football Matches

There is an increasing number of sports betting sites who offer live streaming of events alongside the regular pre-match and in-play provision. It's worth checking out schedules beforehand, but the leading sites will bring the chance to watch an eclectic variety of games from all over the world during preseason.

Obviously which games are shown depends on the licencing deals for specific tournaments, but shop around and you can find a free, or inexpensive, stream. Here are a few sites you can try.

Betfair has one of the most comprehensive offerings of any sports betting site when it comes to live streaming. Check out teams from all over the world, who regularly play in leagues you may not have heard of, plus a tasty smattering of matches involving European teams. You need a minimum £10 in your account, though the stream itself is free.

Bet365 doesn't make it easy to find its live video streaming output, but what it has will satisfy most football fans in the run-up to the regular season. A variety of other sports including basketball and ice hockey are also shown. You need money in your Bet365 account, or to have placed a recent bet, but again, the stream itself is free.

bwin Europe's biggest betting group has a site, in bwin, that promises more than 1,000 live-streamed events every month. This includes football, and although you may have difficulty finding Premier League teams in action, the provision of teams from leagues across Europe is excellent. You need money in your bwin account, or to have placed a recent bet, to access the free stream.

William Hill shows games every day they are available, although you may find that English or British teams are thin-on-the-ground. Both video and audio feeds are provided, and you don't need to have made a recent deposit or placed a recent bet to access the streaming service.

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