Love Football Betting? Try Daily Fantasy Football!

If you love watching football and you know how much extra excitement you can get from betting on the sport, then you're already likely to be someone that knows a lot about the beautiful game. What about if you could transfer that knowledge and passion to another kind of contest, and win yet more great prizes? That's what you can do with daily fantasy football. Here's what makes it different to sports betting - and why the two verticals can be a great fit for you.

What's Different About Daily Fantasy Football

The differences, at first glance, are easier to spot than the similarities; that's because daily fantasy sports contests are played in different ways to sports betting. In betting, you place a bet by putting a deposit on an outcome, or a series of outcomes. With daily fantasy football, you have to pick the team of players that you think will perform most effectively in the forthcoming day's games.

There are lots of great articles explaining how daily fantasy football works and how to pick a team, but the essential difference is that with betting, you are almost always relying on the outcome to a prediction or (with an accumulator) several predictions. With daily fantasy football, it's more about seeing how your fictitious team of real players works out in comparison with other competitors, in a league system. The best teams in those leagues win prizes.

What Similarities Are There?

One of the similarities between daily fantasy football and sports betting is that both carry cash prizes, though when you make a bet, you're really only competing against yourself; in fantasy sports contests you are constantly being measured against opponents who have picked teams of their own. Success is rewarded in both cases though.

We're regularly stressing in betting strategy articles how improved betting returns will come with increased knowledge of a sport. The more you know about the changes in tactics and players in the course of a match and a season, and the more you have tracked a team and its players' current form, the better your bets will be.

The same is true for daily fantasy football. You're picking, as with most football bets, something that will only have an impact on one matchday or one weekend. This means that you can focus on how players are doing at this time, and on recent developments, rather than worrying about the broader sweep of history. As with betting, if you know if a player is or is not in-form and fit, you'll go a long way.

Which Daily Fantasy Football Competitions are There for the Premier League?

There are two places where you can join daily fantasy football leagues, dependent on the country in which you reside, and play your fantasy Premier League team against others. The best-known is DraftKings, with Mondogoal providing a strong alternative. Both providers ask you to select a team of players within a maximum salary cap, and to enter that team into relevant leagues, either in large contests for big prizes, or smaller more localised ones against friends for reduced prizes, but with more chance of winning.

The difference comes in how scoring is counted. In both games, players score points depending on what they do on the pitch, but in DraftKings and Mondogoal, the priorities differ slightly, and it is up to you which points system you think is better and fairer.

Your choice of daily fantasy football platform may be based on this and a number of other factors, but there's certainly nothing to stop you from entering both, and indeed we'd recommend you got comfortable with both DraftKings and Mondogoal before making a decision one way or the other.

Throughout the Premier League season, DraftKings and Mondogoal will bring you contests for every matchday in the Premier League, plus Champions League, Europa League and competitive international matches. For coverage of the best picks and winning strategies for both daily fantasy football games, our sister site FantasyWired has you covered throughout the season, while also offering tips on every other kind of daily fantasy sport.