Finding a Winning Tennis Betting System

Ana Ivanovic (Getty Images)

Have you ever wondered how to find a winning tennis betting system? If you've been struggling to get the returns you think your bets have deserved, then let us take you through the ways you ways you can bet better on tennis. We'll look at the common mistakes people make, and how to find value where others don't.

Your Best Tennis Betting Guide

Tennis is an easy sport to watch, but a hard sport on which to master betting. This is because there are many changes and variables, even in a particular match, which you have to watch out for. These include player and court conditions.

Player Form

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when betting on tennis is the form of the players in question. It's easy to study a player's match win-to-loss stats for the season and draw a conclusion on how well he or she is doing, but there are additional concerns too.

One of these is the head-to-head stats of the player you are following. If that player has won most of the encounters between him/her and the opponent, then that makes the player a good bet for victory in the upcoming match. However, some players have a psychological block when it comes to certain opposition, and so, even when placed higher in the World Rankings or on better form for the season, cannot raise their game to win. Check for this, as a great-value bet may follow.

Player Fitness

It's not just about form, though. One thing all tennis betting tipsters can agree on is that a tennis player carrying an injury will not be as effective as one who is fully-fit coming into a match. Tennis is an all-year-round sport - the season begins with tournaments in Doha and Sydney in January, and does not end for the top players until the ATP Tour World Finals at the end of November.

This calendar can make it pretty exhausting being a tennis player - especially when you factor in that players have to travel around the world playing matches - flying can dehydrate, and can make a player tired before he or she has even his the practice court.

All this contributes to problems with fitness, and it makes it likely that any tennis player, at any time, will not be 100% fit - there's always likely to be a shoulder strain or something, and this means a bettor who is sensible looks hard for player fitness issues.

Court Surface

You also need to take into account the surface on which players are playing. The tennis season has hard courts, grass courts and clay courts. The very best players can play well on all surfaces - but even they have preferences. For example, Roger Federer has won more Grand Slam titles at Wimbledon, on grass, than any other current player, while Rafael Nadal is the best clay-court player the world has ever seen, but is less certain on other surfaces.

Depending on how a player prefers to play, a surface will suit him or her more. Make sure to look back at a player's past record before putting money on him or her to win a match, as if, for example, your player is playing a clay specialist at the French Open, the chances of that player winning are diminished, the similar, only positive, if he or she is playing someone less comfortable on clay.

How To Bet on Tennis

It's not just about getting to know players. You also need to get to know the different ways in which you can bet on tennis. Using these, you can put deposits on different aspects of a tennis match or tournament, depending on what you think will win you money. Here are some bets you might want to consider.

It's worth remembering, before you place any of these bets, that sports betting is all about knowledge of players and conditions; if you know enough about a situation, you can predict what might be the outcome. When you're coming into tennis betting for the first time, it's a good idea to spread your stake around a number of bets, that way, even if they don't all come good, you still have a strong chance of success.

Outright Bets

These are bets on the overall outcome of a match or tournament. They are absolute, and don't take into account nuance or variation. When you're betting on a player to win a match or tournament, remember that so much can change so quickly in tennis. If you've placed this bet, spread the risk by not putting all your money on the one outcome. There's nothing worse than putting all your eggs in one basket. Here are some other bets you could try.

Correct Score and Odd/Even Bets

Bets like Correct Score and Odd/Even are less about the player and more about the numbers of games and sets played within a match. Correct Score still relies on you knowing which player is likely to win, but it's a little more nuanced, as you win for predicting the number of games in a set, and/or the number of sets in a match. This and Odd/Even bets are perfect for in-play betting, as both reflect the changing situation in a match, where as players get tired, a pattern emerges.

Where To Find Tennis Betting Predictions?

It's easy to find the free tennis betting tips you need, if you know where to look. Thankfully, we at BookieSmash are right on the money when it comes to match and tournament analysis, but also showing you the betting lines that will potentially get you the best possible return.

There's nothing quite like enjoying a tennis match, while also knowing that the bets you placed are likely to come good for you. Follow the betting strategy tips we give you on BookieSmash, and you'll find what you need it, when you need it, to put the ball in your court. Enjoy your betting!