Now that you understand the different types of sports bets that are available to you, it's time to start thinking about getting your bankroll in order.

A bankroll is basically the money you've set aside that you are comfortable betting with. As a beginner you'll likely want to keep your bankroll small, so that while you're still learning sports betting here at BookieSmash, the variance of your losses vs. your wins is nothing that won't hurt you financially.

Luckily, BookieSmash has partnered up with some of the biggest and best online sports books in the world to offer you some special free money offers to get you on your way. Since we want to walk you through each step of getting started on your sports betting journey, we felt it was important to describe exactly how these free money offers work.

What is an online betting bonus?

Some say betting bonuses are the best bait sports books have to attract new punters, and – to some extent – that is absolutely true. Yet, here at BookieSmash, we believe online betting bonuses to be also the most important step you can take to enter the betting world without regrets.

Online betting bonuses consist in a given amount of free money that sports books will credit you once you either open an account with them or perform a deposit. Use your signup bonus right, and you will find yourself getting back at your favorite sports book every time you can. Use it wrong, and you will hardly set foot on a betting site again.

One complaint we often hear from beginner sports bettors is that online betting bonuses are not as generous as they initially seem to be, and none of them actually give anything more than a handful free bets. Which is not a lie, but at the same time it also is as correct as it would be to say that 'a Ferrari is nothing more than a fancy and expensive Italy-made metal box'.

As it takes both a license and some skills to enjoy a Ferrari, in order to get the most out of online betting bonuses you need to make sure you really know how to use them and turn them to your profit. Otherwise, yes – you will use them to enjoy a couple of free bets until your bankroll will run so thin that you will face the most terrible dilemma of all bettors: "to deposit or to quit."

Why do I need a bonus?

If you are starting with sports betting or you are just not confident enough about your betting skills, online betting bonuses are your best chance to learn without wasting money on different sites.

But, as we already said, the first step you should make once you decide to try betting, is to get familiar with the concept of bankroll, or the amount of money you've set aside that you are comfortable betting with.

If a good bankroll management is essential to make sure you never bet a single penny more than what you should, sportsbook bonuses are also a great chance to keep your bankroll healthy and for you to cope with your lost bets.

Getting some free money to bet is precious as it allows you to go for combinations or betting systems you would not dare to try otherwise. Essentially sports books bonuses are good because you can use them to:

  • practice and get experience in betting
  • start betting for free
  • give yourself more chances to win
  • maximize your deposit
  • get an initial bankroll for your first round of bets

If you will not make the mistake to value bonus money less than the one coming from your account just because bonuses are for free, you will see how a betting bonus can work as some sort of 'bankroll fertilizer' that allows you to bet on sports without you needing to get your credit card every other day for yet, another deposit.

What kind of betting bonus should I choose?

If you think you are ready to open a sports book account but you are still not sure about which bonus is best for you, keep reading – as you are going to get some useful information about the different online betting bonuses available.

Although here on BookieSmash we tried to list all the best sports books bonuses out there to make it easier for you to find only the best offers around, there is something more you need to know about bonuses and the different kind of promotions you can find on online sports books.

No deposit bonus. If you have never placed a single bet in your life, this is probably the best option for you to begin with. No deposit bonus, as the name suggests, are given to bettors right after thy open an account. These betting bonuses come in form of free cash or a given number of free bets.

Although no deposit bonuses are immediately available for betting, they often come with some particular requirements, as sports books can ask punters to place a given amount of bets (or bet a given amount of money) before they can withdraw an amount equal to the one of the bonus.

As a sports book no deposit bonus is basically something as simple as free money to try a sports book, these particular bonuses are quite small and hardly exceed $/€ 50.

If sports book X offers a $25 no deposit bonus, you will automatically find $25 in your account once you open it and confirm your identity.

The $25 can be used for any sort of bets, but cannot be withdrawn from the account before the amount of your bets equals (or exceed) $25.

First deposit bonus. These are the most frequent kind of bonuses in sports betting and are also the most appreciated and looked for by online sports punters. With these bonuses you have the opportunity to maximize your deposits by getting a given amount of free money on top of the one you wish to sent to your account.

Sportsbooks first deposit bonuses are usually released in different chunks and have specific 'play through requirements' that require you to place a specific amount of bets in order to a) clear the whole bonus and b) withdraw from your account an amount that equals the bonus.

Sports book Y is offering a 200% bonus on your first deposit up to $ 500.

This means that if you open an account on Y and deposit $ 100, you will be entitled to have $ 100 + (2x $ 100) = $ 300.

Deposit bonuses are by far the most lucrative ones around, and can really make a great difference in betting as they can often multiply the deposit up to 10x. Yet, our advice is to be very attentive when choosing your bonus and read far more than the huge numbers advertised by bookies.

To make your life easier, here on BookieSmash you will find all the info you need to understand bonuses to the fullest, and know for sure which one is the best betting bonus for you. We did so because sometimes the wagering requirements can make a 100% bonus up to $1,000 far more convenient than a 600% up to $10,000 one.

Reload bonus. As the first deposit is not the only one that should get rewarded, many sports books have set some specific promos for all the deposits after the first one. These bonuses normally works exactly as the 'first deposit' ones and multiply your deposit by a given amount of time.

If you are considering to reload your account with some fresh bucks, make sure you first go through our sports books reviews and find the one that offers you the best betting reload bonus conditions. This way you will be sure to get the best value for your money and add some useful extra cash to your bankroll.