Draw No Bet: When to Use it in Football Betting and Why

In football, there are the conventional, traditional bets that everyone knows about, and most of these focus solely on one outcome, related to a team or a player. This can make football betting seem like a linear, black-and-white sport where things either come true or they don't. However, each match also contains a variety of other, more tactical, bets, including Draw No Bet.

Draw No Bet works by splitting your deposit between a team winning, and drawing. For example, if you bet on a team that has odds of 2/1 for a win, but 3/1 for a draw, it's more likely in the eyes of the bookmaker that a win will occur. Let's suppose you agree, but you aren't sure that the team will win, and you don't want to lose all your money if it doesn't.

You have £20 to spend. To work out how much to put on a draw in a Draw No Bet that you enter manually, divide the £20 by four (because the draw odds are 3/1), then you are left with £5. This is the amount that you should bet on the draw, with the rest going on the win. By betting on two separate outcomes, you're not cheating, you're just applying a strategic bet. If the team wins, you get £30, a 150% profit; in the event of a draw, you still get £15 back, so you've lost, but only a quarter of your deposit.

With some bookies, the site will calculate the Draw No Bet odds and price automatically, saving you maths - but it pays to know the principle behind it. Here are some reasons why Draw No Bet might make sense to you.

Protects Your Deposit

If you have a certain amount of money to deposit on football bets, you want to make sure that you're in with the best possible chance of coming away with something afterwards. If you know your stuff and you're sure a team is going to win, there's little point in a Draw No Bet, but one of the great things about football is the uncertainty it breeds, because it's possible for a small team to beat a giant on its day.

For this reason, Draw No Bet gives you insurance in case things don't turn out the way you're expecting. Maybe that striker on the opposition team who you thought would be injured is actually playing, and he scores a late equaliser - in this case, you're covered.

Benefits You Against Counter-Attackers

Leicester City won the Premier League in 2015/16 playing with a style that involved soaking up pressure and then breaking quickly with the ball, or counter-attacking. This worked well for the team because it was full of fast young players who could rely on instinct to find space, and because it did not rely on having a lot of possession.

One of the characteristics of late-season Leicester was the way it would often rescue matches from losing positions with a late goal or two. This was regularly when the opposition was tiring, meaning space opened up. This style has since been copied by a lot of teams. Leicester is one of the ultimate Draw No Bet teams, as its opponents can often find themselves looking at level scores having been winning for the first half.

Benefits You When Betting on Defensive Teams

Defensive teams tend to adopt the tactic against those sides which are thought to be technically better. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid dominate La Liga in Spain, and Juventus does the same in Serie A in Italy. This can lead to a situation where it doesn't seem like a safe bet to put all of a deposit on a team beating one of the main sides.

The solution is a Draw No Bet. If you have a team like Sporting Gijon or Celta Vigo which you think could take a result away-from-home against one of the La Liga superclubs, test it out by hedging your bet between the win and the draw. It at least means insurance if your analysis turns out to be wrong.

More Than One Possibility is Profitable

Draw No Bet won't benefit you in every match on which you are betting but hopefully this article has brought to mind a few ways in which it could be tried out. It's an excellent betting strategy for those uncertain results when you think games will be decided by margins. It's also a strategy that brings even games with teams that would otherwise be bad-value bets into play as possible wagers for you.

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