Tips for Tactical Football Betting Using Accumulators

Harry Kane

When you scan the best football betting sites, one thing might become apparent: the ones you really want to put money on, those bets that are most likely to happen, just don't have the value that makes them worthwhile. How do you get around this? One way is to use an accumulator bet, or acca, to make sure your money is going towards the best value you can possibly get. Here are some key principles to follow to make sure that acca means excitement, not aggravation.

1. Put Logical Things Together

One of the reasons accas have often had a bad name in the past is because haphazard bettors have thrown together random bets into one big bet, in the hope it would work out. Actually, that's fine, if your aim is a bit of fun and a laugh. But if you're serious about winning bets, you need to make sure that the bets you're grouping together are all sufficiently winnable, and that it makes sense to group them.

An example might be a series of bets on one team, such as Leicester City to avoid relegation from the Premier League, finish in the top six of the Premier League, and win its first three matches of the season. Alternatively you could bet on a single tournament, for example placing a wager on all of the English clubs escaping the Champions League group stages and getting through to the knockout rounds.

2. You Can Bet on Obvious Things

We usually tell you not to bother with bets that are highly possible, or likely, to happen, as they carry a low reward. However, when added in with other bets to form an acca, the result can be far more attractive odds for you. Add a bet for a really strong team like Manchester City to win the Premier League to another for Tottenham Hotspur to finish in the top four, and keep on adding things that are more likely to happen than not in your eyes, and eventually you'll end up with accumulated odds that work in your favour.

Be careful not to over-stack your acca. You need to make sure that you're not just looking at the bottom-line accumulated odds, but also the chances of you winning the bet. You'll get a flavour for how to judge this over time, but just remember that, although bookies ofter promote the five-point acca, you might be better-served with a smaller number of bets put together.

3. Stick to Teams You Know

If you bet on any aspect of sport, you need to have a solid knowledge of that sport. That's just common sense, but the acca amplifies mistakes, so it should make you more cautious about having a flutter on a new area of knowledge. If you watch the Premier League, stick to betting on that, and possibly the Champions League. If you really feel like you know about the other European leagues, you can add events there into your acca - but be careful, otherwise your carefully-crafted bet could come unstuck.

Sporting knowledge is vital when it comes to betting, both to protect you and your investment. Bookies will often offer promotions which it believes are attractive to you, but you should question these, and look into how much you understand about the participants before throwing money at an acca.

4. Shop Around First

If you're interested in an acca, and have worked out what the odds would be for it on your favourite betting site, don't stop there; the real betting experts keep accounts on several sports betting sites, and check the numbers on each of them before confirming their deposit. This is because with each betting site having marginally different odds on each part of your chosen acca, there's every chance you'll find better-value odds on the combination at another site. This won't always be the case, but you need to cover yourself by making sure you've at least checked.

This is one of the main reasons BookieSmash is partnering with a wide variety of sports betting sites. It's important that customers get the best possible deal from bookmakers, so we usually list the best odds, but we also give you the option to look for other deals. Clearly you can only place all points of your acca with one bookie at a time, but that doesn't mean you can't verify you're getting the best odds beforehand.