Four Times Jose Mourinho Failed and Blamed Someone Else

Chelsea Coach Jose Mourinho (Getty)

Jose Mourinho might be an exceptional manager, but he's had his fair share of run-ins with colleagues and authority over the years, the latest being a falling-out with Eva Carneiro, the popular Chelsea first-team doctor. We look back at a number of times the "Special One" has taken his anger out on others.

1. The Medical Staff, Part One

Arjen Robben of Bayern Munich and Holland might be one of the world's most feared wingers these days, but there was a time at Chelsea when the Dutchman, then with a thinning thatch of hair, and still looking 33 even though he was in his twenties, couldn't stay fit.

Chelsea's medical staff were admonished by Mourinho, who felt that team doctor Neal Fraser and his team should have worked harder to get the player fit for crucial games at the end of the club's title-winning 2004/05 season. Fraser left the club that season, with Robben forever viewed with scepticism by Mourinho.

2. Unicef

Mourinho was enraged when, as Real Madrid head coach, he saw his team lose a player to a red card in each of its four meetings with Barcelona in the 2010/11 season, including a thrilling Champions League semi-final. Wishing to raise doubts about Barca's reputation, Mourinho claimed there was a plot at UEFA, European football's governing body, to help Pep Guardiola's side to win the Champions League.

Raising a series of controversial decisions that went Barcelona's way, including a series of penalties that Chelsea had been denied in the 2008/09 Champions League semi-final against Barca, Mourinho asked, rhetorically, why this should happen. Challenging Guardiola to win a trophy fair-and-square, Mourinho, with a straight face, asked if UEFA were influenced by Barca's sponsorship by Unicef, in the first example of the children's charity being implicated in allegations of match-fixing.

3. Premier League Referees

Sometimes Mourinho likes to go to town when he smells a rat. However, when, in the middle of Chelsea's title victory in 2014/15, a few crucial refereeing decisions went against the Blues, the Portuguese really spat out the dummy. Producers of the Sky Sports show "Goals on Sunday" thought they had their running order sorted, when they received a phone call from Mourinho.

The manager asked to spend time on the show, chatting to presenters Ben Shepherd and Chris Kamara about what was happening with refereeing. The hour Mourinho spent on the sofa might not have been the most balanced piece of journalism, but it was gripping television, particularly when Mourinho elaborated on perceived bias against Chelsea.

4. The Medical Staff, Part Two

This leads us on to the unfortunate incident on Saturday. In the final minutes of a 2-2 draw against Swansea City, Eden Hazard picked up a knock and went down. The referee, Michael Oliver, gestured to Carneiro, who ran on to treat Hazard, who was forced to move off the pitch after treatment.

Carneiro clearly had no choice about treating Hazard, but Mourinho launched into a diatribe against the medical team after the match, insisting Hazard was not injured and should have been left to get up continue in the game. It seems incredibly unfair, but when Mourinho is concerned, he is the law.

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