Football Transfer Betting Tips: How to Win Big

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When you read sports news websites, wherever you are in the world, you will find that football transfer news is one of the items being discussed. Have you ever wondered how you could bet on that? For how to win at football transfer betting, take a look at our tips below.

You can bet on the football transfer market on many of the bookmakers listed on BookieSmash. You need to look out for betting "Specials" such as "next club" for a certain player. When you see these kinds of odds, use the tips below and have fun betting!

Check the Source

Some rumors are better than others. That's just a fact. News media exist to find angles and stories that will interest the reader, so he or she keeps coming back to that newspaper, magazine or website, and so they can make money by selling advertizing.

That's why you'll read a lot of football transfer rumors in news media, some that have a grain of truth, and some which might be completely made up. Quite often a player is linked with another club, just because a news website is running a story from someone who works in a restaurant, saying he'd seen the player house-hunting in that city.

If Cristiano Ronaldo (as a hypothetical example) is looking for a house in Milan, is that necessarily because he is joining Milan or Inter? Or might it just be that he wants to buy a house there because he likes shopping in norther Italy? We'll never know - because it's not happening. But If this were a real rumor, there would be a few checks you should perform.

1. Check Multiple News Outlets
Make sure you see the rumor in more than one news source. If you see a similar thing repeated, it doesn't mean the rumor is true, but it might mean there is an element that is true.

2. Check Events at Both Clubs
Are the supposed selling club talking about having to let some players go in summer? Have the alleged buying club been taken over by a new owner, who wants to spend big to reach the Champions League? If so, these could indicate there is a possibility of the transfer happening.

3. Wait for Further News
Stay glued to the sports news sites, wait for word that something is happening, or there is progress on discussions between clubs. Then, place a bet. Betting is not just about luck, it's about applying your knowledge - and this is the perfect way in which to do that.

Beware Agents Who Speak Out

Most top footballers have agents, and those agents get a percentage of the player's earnings. So it stands to reason that it would be in agents' interest to spread rumors of a transfer. If a player's existing club believes that he will be looking for a move, they will often negotiate a new contract in order to get the player to stay.

This situation happened at Manchester United, first with, again, Ronaldo, and more recently with Wayne Rooney. In both cases, the player expressed his interest in moving to a new club, the details were cleared up internally, and the net result was, at least at the time, no change.

If you had bet on the player moving on, in this case,then you would have been out-of-pocket, as nothing happened. Sometimes all is not what it seems in the world of football transfer betting, and you've just got to wait for the dust to settle before putting your wager down.

Sometimes the opposite can happen: if a player is interviewed by the football media and declares his love for the club for which he plays, don't be surprised to see him move to another club in a matter of weeks. The pledge of loyalty is a common trick used by media-trained footballers to distract from transfer activity happening in the background.

If a player says he has always loved the club and will never leave it, it might be the precursor to a big-money opportunity elsewhere. Why is this? Well, the player perhaps doesn't want his former club's fans to turn against him. If the player moves, in this situation, there will probably be a story about how he "never wanted to leave" or something similar.

Take Care on Deadline Day

Transfer Deadline Day - 31 August and 31 January respectively for the Summer and January Transfer Windows, are the times of most activity in terms of football player transfers. This means big gains for the bettor if on the right track, but it also requires careful analysis of what is true and what is untrue.

In the UK, the most popular way of keeping up with Transfer Deadline Day is on Sky Sports News. Take care when extrapolating information from this channel. They are attached to the betting company Sky Bet, so when you see Sky football transfer betting odds on Sky Bet, you can be sure Sky Sports News will discuss the transfer in detail. Although there may not be a deliberate attempt to mislead, there is a recognition that Transfer Deadline Day is partly about entertainment.

You should look not just at the tempting odds on offer, but also at the player's form, how well-funded the buying and selling clubs are, whether the potential buying club need the player, and also the clubs' relative league positions and prestige. Also check the odds on offer with all of the trusted bookmakers on BookieSmash - if you shop around, you will find the best odds for whatever you decide to do in football transfer market betting.

During the transfer windows on BookieSmash, you'll have expert analysis on transfer rumors. Which are out there in the public domain? Which are absolute nonsense? Which might just happen? Stick with us, boost your knowledge, and you can be a winner at football transfer betting.

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