Four Football Betting Strategy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Ever wondered why some people win good returns when betting on football, and some people don't? It's not down to luck, it's down to having a successful football betting strategy. There are frequent mistakes that people often make - these recur again and again, and can be easily remedied. Here's a guide to how.

1. Betting on the Most Popular Teams

It might be that you're a fan of one of the leading teams in the league, or it might be that you have heard most about that team, and so are more knowledgeable about it than any other side. However, there is a problem in only betting on the most popular teams in a competition: put simply, lots of other people also bet on them, and this reduces their value for the bettor, as the odds shorten.

How to Avoid This

Make sure your knowledge of other teams is as strong as it is for the really popular sides. The best-value bets are usually found amongst the players and teams that sit just below the radar, not quite being fashionable or exciting enough to merit media coverage, but still doing a solid job every week. Do your research on which players have the best attacking and defensive stats.

2. Balancing Risk vs. Reward Incorrectly

If you look at the odds for a bet, sometimes it will be high. As you probably know, the higher the odds, the less, in the opinion of the bookmaker, the chance is of that outcome occurring. There are a lot of adverts on TV for bets on the first scorer.

There's a good reason for this: the bets are unlikely to succeed. Bookmakers use them to reel in the bettors, even though there isn't much chance of a return. This is a good example of a bet that is too high-risk and is not properly thought-out.

How to Avoid This

Instead of first scorer, you can place your deposit on something far more likely to come right, anytime goalscorer. This bet does not come with a guarantee, but is safer than hoping the player scores before anyone else. Don't just look at the odds being offered, although these are important. Look also at the chances of the bet coming off for you. Don't just place low-risk bets, but balance risk with reward for the best return.

3. Sticking to One Bookmaker

We all have websites we like more than others. It's human nature to stick with what we know, or trust. However one bookmaker isn't always going to offer you the best bets every time. Even if the BookieSmash review for a bookmaker is solid-gold, and you know that you can trust the company with your money, be aware that the odds offered to you might not be the best there is.

How to Avoid This

Shop around. Check out the best bets offered on BookieSmash. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of bookmakers. Some bookies have the best experts in the business crafting football odds that will ensure the house always wins. However others might have overlooked a team or player, or the possibility of an event happening. Check bookies for weaknesses like you'd check teams and players for them, and take advantage of new-joiner offers when they appear.

4. Mistaking Strategy With Routine

When you find a winning football betting strategy and get some great returns from your bets, there will be a temptation to keep plugging away with the same plan for a while. However, this is where strategy ceases being strategy, and starts being routine. Routine is boring and unwelcome, and will give you diminishing returns. Strategy always changes to adapt to circumstances.

How to Avoid This

Be aware of changes in the football world and in the betting world. Keep abreast of team and player news. Look at which teams are doing best in the current form tables. Don't be afraid of trying interesting new bets, or of throwing the players or teams you bet on out of your strategy if they don't win you bets on a consistent basis.