5 Things to Know When You Bet In-Play on the Premier League

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In-play betting is any form of betting where the bettor puts money on an outcome while the match in question is underway. Since the advent of online betting, when Betfair brought the betting exchange to popular attention, in-play bets have been available on pretty much every permutation. We're told on commercials to "bet in-play now!", but before you do, it helps to consider a few points.

1. Little and Often is Best

If you stake your entire deposit on an outcome and then it doesn't happen, you don't win. That's the bottom line, and it should convince you that you need to be careful with your bets, whether they're traditional pre-match wagers, or in-play.

Because of the preponderance of special offers for in-play bets, it's often tempting to throw a lot of money at something that seems likely to occur. Don't. It's far better to take it easy, bet a little, and then if you've got money to spare, spread it over a series of possibilities. You never know, you might win even more that way.

2. Don't Just Listen to Ray Winstone - Listen to Yourself Too

Ray Winstone, the British actor, has been the voice of Bet365's very successful commercials for several years. He's a great person to advertise a product, because he's so memorable - everyone listens to what he has to say, and he's doubtless launched a few stakes with his cry of "bet in play, NOW!"

We love Ray, and the ads are great - but we want to tell you not to only listen to the advice in the commercials. Just because a betting company has advertised at half-time the possibility of a 5/1 bet for a certain player to score next, it doesn't mean that's the best-value bet you can place. Use your knowledge of the game and of betting, don't just go by what the TV tells you.

3. Most Preparation Should Happen Before the Match

Premier League managers like Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho spend literally months researching other teams' intentions, so that they can set up their own team to win the match between the two. They think intensely about what needs to be done to achieve their aim.

Given this fact, do you think you should be allowing random switches in judgement when betting in-play? Of course not. The majority of time and investment should go on bets before the match, because that's when you've got the time to check on all the possible variables affecting the match. If you're doing this mid-match, you're not focusing fully on the game.

In-play bets should be the icing on your betting cake, they should not completely replace pre-match bets. Use both kinds of bets together, and let them compliment each other. This way, you're not putting your eggs in one basket, you're giving balance and thought to your betting patterns, and you'll end up with greater profits from your bets.

4. Focus on Changes in the Game

If you've made the correct decision to focus your eyes on the screen and the game, brushing up on your facts and stats beforehand instead, this means you've got energy to spare watching what's actually happening. If you're knowledgeable about Premier League football, you might notice a team take greater possession or a tactical advantage of some kind.

It's this kind of change in the pattern of the game that merits an in-play bet, because it's not something you could have predicted pre-match, but it is important to factor in. Football games change so many times in the 90 minutes of play. If you can recognise a change before your fellow bettors, you can get a great price on the in-play bet for a player or team.

5. Have Fun!

This is probably the most important thing about in-play betting on the Premier League, or any other sporting tournament. If you're taking it totally seriously, and staking your future on something happening within a football match, you're going to be unhappy either way.

Football is a game, and so is in-play betting. It should be something that brings a sense of fun and enjoyment to a sport you already love - so get into it, and enjoy it. Enjoy your in-plays, pick the odds that you think will bring you success, and good luck!

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