These 5 Players Are Probably The Most Annoying World Cup Footballers

Robben Dive

You know that guy who turns up at your house party uninvited, eats half the buffet, then spends the next few hours chatting to the hottest girl you invited? Annoying, right?

There are footballers just as bad as him - the only difference is, they express it on the pitch, not in your home. Which, unfortunately, doesn't make it any less irritating for you, though.

Here are five players from the 2014 World Cup guaranteed to get you throwing your remote at the TV in frustration.
Players from eliminated teams are eligible for this list. And, yes – we have ignored the credentials of Luis Suarez because as he's not just annoying: he is dangerous.

5. Manuel Neuer


Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich and Germany's shot-stopper extraordinaire, isn't someone with a bad personality, or someone whose poor sportsmanship on the pitch stinks. In fact, he seems like a nice guy.

But that's part of the problem. You see, Neuer is perfect. He almost never drops a cross, or parries a shot to the feet of an opposition striker.

He just mercilessly continues playing the game without error, as his teams grind out win after win. If you don't support Bayern or Germany, then to quote Bree van den Kamp in Desperate Housewives, it's like being "hit with a dead squirrel every single day."

4. Giorgios Samaras


Old George, or "Jesus" as ESPN are calling him in this World Cup because of his long hair and thick beard, is on our list thanks to being one of the worst international footballers we have ever seen.

The Greek striker, nicknamed "Tragedy" by Manchester City fans during his goal-shy spell at the club, has scored a goal in just over every three games for Celtic in the Scottish Premier Division since 2008, and yet 9 goals in 78 appearances for Greece tells its own story.

His modus operandi is to get the ball in a promising position, run at someone until tackled, at which point he falls in a heap, or to get the ball in front of goal and miss a sitter.

Samaras is proof that a lack of technique or coordination need not stop a keen athlete from becoming an international footballer. That said, he's a wonderful person off the pitch.

3. Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney gets into this list for being disappointing.

At sixteen years old, watching him play was like being struck by lightning. Built like a bull, with pace and power beyond his years, he looked like the goal machine to beat the world.

A move from Everton to Manchester United followed, but so too did celebrity status, endorsements, image rights and what looked at times like egomania.

Sent off in the 2004 European Championships against Portugal for stamping when the team needed him most, he had an iffy 2006 World Cup thanks to a foot injury, and then played terribly in the 2010 tournament, giving us this rant to camera instead of any goals or moments of note:

In 2014 we had rumors of Botox injections, and a World Cup where he contributed little, as England crashed out of the group stages. Rarely has a player disappointed so frequently on the big stage. Whatever happened to the likely lad?

2. Neymar


A step. Another step. A BIG step. A more tentative step. Where is he going? He's outside the box now! Oh, here he comes. Tap, tap, tappity-tippy-tap, sprint, BANG!

Yes, Neymar's penalty run-up has already had supporters of Croatia and Chile screaming in rage. Especially with the penalty against Croatia, where there was fury over the way it was won, what fans least like to see is an utter lack of good grace when it comes to taking and celebrating it.

Neymar may be one of the best players in the world, but he's yet to show it at Barcelona following his big move in summer 2013, and he's beginning to look overexposed, having been in every commercial for everything in the run-up to the World Cup.

Maybe it's because he's so young, and has had a string of romantic links with models and soap stars, but it seems like Brazil is trying to make him into a new Ronaldo.

Unfortunately, the buck-toothed one was a much better all-round footballer, and the player Neymar more closely resembles is Robinho that very same one who failed to make an impact at Real Madrid, Manchester City or Milan.

Time will tell if Neymar matches earlier Brazilians' achievements, but for now, the public are very good at seeing through PR.

1. Arjen Robben


As we saw in Holland's game against Mexico, Arjen Robben likes a dive.

To be precise, he gets in a position where there is contact, and then makes sure everyone knows about that contact. He's done it for his whole career, too.

You see him running, the ball glued to his feet like it's never coming loose, but then – disaster! Someone tries to defend, tries to get the ball off him. That would never do. Even though it's perfectly possible to jump over that tackle and score, Robben falls down as if shot.

In addition, Robben may be a dangerous winger, but he's also thoroughly predictable, getting away from people through speed alone.

He doesn't often cross, and has one trick: running down the right wing, he will suddenly cut in onto his left foot and shoot. It's not rocket science, and it's possible for anyone (even Andros Townsend) to look world-class doing it.

Robben is selfish, and often when he shoots there are people waiting in the box, who give him the evil eyes when he almost inevitably shoots over.