How to Find a Cricket Betting Strategy that Works

When you bet on cricket, one of the first things you need is a cricket betting strategy, which will inform your every move when it comes to putting money on the sport. Take a look at our essential tips to get the most out of this great game.

Learn How the Game is Played

Cricket is a great spectator sport, with plenty of The first thing you need to do is get an understanding of the rules of cricket. Our article about this will help. Watch a few Twenty20 cricket matches to get an idea of the way the sport is played, and the kind of occurrences that you think are most important.

The Indian Premier League is probably the most accessible form of cricket - it's high-quality, all-action, and on TV and the web all round the world, so you shouldn't have any problem finding games to watch. Whatever game you watch, check out how long it takes to complete a game (about 3 hours with Twenty20 matches, 6-7 hours with the longer one-day games, up to 5 days with a test match).

You will see that no matter what form of the game is being played, the rules are almost identical. The only changes are relatively minor ones - test cricket is played with a red ball, other forms with a white ball, and colored kit is used in the shorter forms, white kit in test matches. There are some differences in fielding restrictions too - but as a bettor, these are not things you need to worry about overly.

Learn the Teams and Players

As with all other sports, it's vitally important that you learn about the participants in the match. This is so that you can better understand which way the result is likely to go. Winning at cricket bets is all about knowledge of the game, and the more experience you have of watching teams and individuals in action, the better you will be at it.

Read what you can about developments in the game. Here on BookieSmash we have cricket news and analysis that will help you. Look in particular at two things: form and fitness.

Form is the team or player's recent performance, over the past five or so matches. If a bowler has taken wickets in each of his last five matches, it become more likely he or she will do so in the next match, and so it becomes a better bet that the bowler will take a wicket, or be the top bowler (highest wicket-taker) in that match.

The same is true for batsmen or batters. If a particular batsman has scored highly in each of his or her past five matches, there is every possibility that it will happen again in the next, and so you can bet on him/her as the highest-scoring batsman in the match. You can also bet on the batsman to score 100 or more - a century. This only usually happens when the batsman is on form - something you can study beforehand.

Get Maximum Value

When you are betting on cricket, the thing you should be looking for, more than anything, is value. But what is value? Value is when you get good odds for something that you, the bettor, believe is likely to happen.

An example of this might be, if England were playing Sri Lanka, and were favorites with the bookmakers to win, but you felt, after studying the form and fitness of the players selected, that actually there was more likelihood of Sri Lanka winning, If you were to place a bet on Sri Lanks in those circumstances, it would be a good-value bet, as long as you had the possibility of betting a sizable payout.

Similarly, use your knowledge of teams and players to leverage good value for yourself. If you're betting on, for example, an Indian Premier League match, and one of the teams is giving a debut to an 18 year-old fast bowler who you have seen before, it might be that there are high odds for the player to be top bowler in the match. This increases the chance of you getting a big return if you are right about the bowler, and so it's a good-value bet.

If a bet has higher odds than you think it should, based on your analysis, then this is undervalued. If the opposite is true, and you believe an event is less likely to happen than bookies imagine, this means the bet is overvalued.

Nature Plays its Part

Cricket is a unique sport in the sense that it is heavily-influenced by weather conditions and by the pitch. If you bet on a particular team winning a test match, and due to rain it is not possible to complete the match, that match will end in a draw. You need to check with the bookie with whom you have placed the bet as to whether you lose all your money in this situation, however it is possible.

In one-day and Twenty20 games, this is less likely to happen; the Duckworth-Lewis Method is used by the umpires and match referee to determine how many overs should remain in a rain-delayed match.

Nonetheless it is worth remembering that although cricket is a summer sport, it's one that can be tipped from one result to the other by the intervention of weather conditions.

Build Up Your Betting

Perhaps the most important thing when betting on cricket is to build up your betting over time. Start with a small amount on a match with which you feel comfortable and confident. Get to know the teams and players - this in itself will take time - and get comfortable with a particular bookie (BookieSmash has a whole host of trusted partners that you should consider using when you bet). Most of all, make your betting fun - because for a bet to be truly great value, it's got to be enjoyable. Good luck and happy cricket betting!

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